Keep Cool – Car A/C

Author: Dorian Pantusa | July 2nd, 2021

From pool parties to popsicles, we are all looking for ways to cool off during the summer. Summertime is not always the most fun time to be in your car. Combining hot leather seats with the A/C not kicking in quickly is a recipe for sweaty discomfort. The summer heat can cause you to overwork your A/C system in your car. Our team at Pantusa Towing and Recovery spends a lot of time on the road, so we wanted to pass along our best tips for staying cool as you go.

·        Start Cruising Before Cooling—Since cars can be very hot after sitting in the heats, you may be tempted to pre-cool your car before you leave. You will be overworking your A/C system and wasting gas by trying to cool your car while idling. Your car was designed to cool more effectively while moving. The faster your engine turns, the faster your air compressor will do its job. If you want to release the hot air more quickly, roll down your rear windows while you drive for 10-20 seconds to allow the hot air to escape. Opening your front windows will cool the front of your car, but it will leave stagnant warm air in the back part of your car. If you have a sunroof, you could open the sunroof to allow air to escape as well.

·        Adjust Your Air as Low as Possible—Even if you prefer your car at around 70, change the setting to the coldest setting. If you choose something in the middle, your car will be forced to cool the air to about 38 degrees, which is the typical output temperature, and then heat it up significantly. Not only will this take your car more time, but you will be burning more fuel. Keep your air on the coldest temperature and then adjust your fan level to find your comfort level. You will get cool more quickly and avoid drying out your air excessively by going low.

·        Be Kind—Don’t Recirculate—The recirculating feature is fine if no one is sitting in your backseat, but if you have passengers in the back, turn it off. You and your copilot up front will be comfortable, but your rear passengers will be left with stale warm air.

·        Check Your Filter—A clean filter will help your A/C system run properly. If the filter is dirty, your system must work harder to cool your car. An overworked A/C system can quickly become a broken A/C system. A broken A/C system is really unfortunate during the summer season especially. Avoid the heat and hassle by checking your filter or asking your mechanic to do so.

·        Evaluate Your Car’s A/C Special Features—If your car comes with an automatic climate control system, take advantage of that feature, and avoid having to toy with your A/C settings. Your automatic climate control can be set to your comfort levels and then you no longer have to think about it. If you have a newer car with auto stop/start, disable the feature. In theory, improved efficiency sounds great, but the system has some flaws. The system can cause your car to shut off the air when you are stuck in traffic or at a long light. Saving money on fuel is nice, but the inconvenience of your air compressor getting shut off along with the engine at the wrong time is not worth it.

Stay cool this summer! If you need roadside assistance, reach out to Pantusa Towing and Recovery. We will make your towing process a breeze!