Difference Between Commercial & Light Duty Towing

November 8th, 2021

Not all towing companies can handle commercial and light duty towing. The skills and equipment needed for each type of towing is different. Commercial towing manages larger scale jobs, such as hauling heavy machinery, heavy duty vehicles, and large equipment. Pantusa Towing has the experience, equipment, and credentials to take care of both commercial and light duty towing jobs. Explore these fast facts about the two types of towing.

Commercial vs Light Duty Towing Differences

·        The Equipment Needed—Passenger cars, SUVs, and small trucks fall into the light duty towing category. Since these vehicles are relatively small, most tow trucks are equipped to handle hauling them. Commercial towing cannot be completed by just any tow truck. Having a more powerful towing vehicle is needed when the cargo is heavy equipment or vehicles. When you are choosing a towing company for your commercial vehicles/equipment, make sure to ask about the company’s towing capacity. If a company does not specifically offer commercial towing services, you are endangering your vehicle by choosing that company.

·        The Necessary Skill Set—Commercial towing jobs require specialized knowledge to ensure the towing is completed safely and properly. Commercial towing operators have a strong background and understanding of heavy equipment and vehicles. Being knowledgeable about the inner workings of commercial equipment helps the operator ensure the safety of the vehicle and everyone on site. When you are lifting heavy equipment, you cannot risk having an inexperienced or unprepared operator.

·        The Right Insurance Coverage—Because commercial equipment and vehicles are more expensive than light duty vehicles, you need to choose a towing company with sufficient insurance coverage just in case there is damage along the way. Before choosing a towing company, ask about the extent of their insurance coverage. Their coverage should be able to cover your commercial equipment/vehicle as well as any other involved vehicles if there is an accident. Although you are unlikely to need the insurance coverage if you choose a responsible and capable tow company, having insurance will give you peace of mind that your investment is secure.

If you need a licensed, experienced, and properly equipped towing service, Pantusa Towing is ready to help. When you call with the specifics of your towing needs, we will dispatch a skilled operator outfitted with the equipment needed to safely haul your heavy load. We can handle your commercial and light duty towing needs!