Understanding Private Towing vs. Municipal Towing

Author: Casey Alvis | March 15th, 2022

Have you ever finished a meal or shopping trip out and come back to find your car towed? If you accidentally parked improperly on a public roadway or parking lot run by the government, the city can tow your car. Paying for a tow and finally getting your car back is an unexpected hassle and expense. Pantusa Towing wants to help you understand the difference between municipal towing and private towing, so you will be able to navigate the process as simply as possible. 

What is Municipal Towing?

When the government chooses to tow your vehicle, they are using municipal towing services. Municipal towing can be ordered by government parking attendants, police, park rangers, etc. Often, the city will  partner with a local towing service to manage their towing needs. The towing service will most likely tow your vehicle to the city’s impound lot or a privately-owned impound lot. If you think your car has been towed by the city, calling your local police department is the first step. They are able to verify that your vehicle was hauled to the impound lot and provide guidance on how to retrieve your car. 

When you are talking to the police, ask them which government agency ordered your car to be towed. In some cases, you will have to get clearance from that specific agency before your car is released from the impound lot. Our team at Pantusa Towing partners with municipalities to provide towing services to our first responders and public servants. We always complete our tows with respect and care, ensuring the impounded car is transported safely and without any damage. 

What is Private Towing?
Private towing occurs when a private landowner requests a towing service. If you have your car towed from a privately owned shopping center or hospital parking lot, your car was probably privately towed. For example, this could occur if you parked in a reserved spot or blocked the lot by parking improperly. In many cases, lots will have signs posted for the towing service that manages the lot. You can call the service and verify that your vehicle was towed and not stolen by a thief. If your car was privately towed, the towing service can provide guidance on how to retrieve your vehicle. The Pantusa Towing team also provides private towing services  to help landowners keep their lots functioning properly.

Whether you are a public servant, or an individual, Pantusa Towing provides towing services to help with your needs. You can rely on our timely and professional towing service!