Transportation To Your Destination

Author: Casey Alvis | June 14th, 2021

Whether you need a bulldozer delivered to your construction site or a tractor transported to your farm, you will need an equipment transport service. Since construction equipment is heavy and costly to replace, the transport company needs to be prepared with the proper credentials, experience, and equipment. Pantusa Towing and Recovery LLC is used to bringing the brawn when it comes to roadside assistance and equipment transport. Our team of experienced professionals are outfitted with heavy duty rigs that can be trusted to deliver your equipment safely to the desired location.

Getting to Know Equipment Transport with Pantusa Towing

·        Swift On Time Deliveries—We recognize that your work is dependent on your equipment arriving on time and in good condition. Your work is likely on a tight timeline, so we respect your work, and we will not slow down your productivity. Your equipment will arrive at the promised time.

·        Hassle-Free Pickup and Drop Off—As long as we know the details of your pickup and drop off, you are not required to be there. You can be focused on your work and the equipment will be in the requested spot when you need it. When you have finished with your equipment, you can schedule your pickup in advance as well. We want to support your productivity and efficiency by making the transport process as simple as possible.

·        Insured, Experienced, and Credentialed Crew—Hauling heavy loads is not an amateur task. Our operators undergo continual training and obtain licensing to ensure they are aware of the best practices for protecting your equipment. When you schedule your equipment transport, we will assign the ideal operator and equipment to your job, making sure that our team is prepared for your heavy duty transport. We have proper insurance coverage so you can trust your equipment is in capable and reliable hands. Your equipment will arrive safely and properly every time.

·        Responsive Customer Care—We communicate with you throughout your entire Pantusa experience. When you have arranged your job, we will confirm the details and provide updates along the way. We appreciate your confidence in entrusting your equipment, so we will keep you informed. Our team will be prepared to address any concerns or questions you may have.

What Qualifies For Heavy Equipment Transport

From trailers to construction equipment to heavy tools, we have moved a variety of heavy loads. If you are unsure whether we can transport it, give our team a call and ask. We are not intimidated by your heavy duty jobs. We compiled a list of the most common equipment we transport:

·        Earth Moving Machinery—Excavators, Bulldozers, Backhoes, Crawler Loaders, Skid Steer Loaders, Loader, Motor Graders, Motor Scrappers, Trenchers, and Wheeled Loading Shovels

·        Construction Vehicles—Trailers, Tippers, Tankers, and Dumpers

·        Material Moving Machinery—Cranes, Hoists, Conveyors, and Forklifts

·        Construction Machinery—Pavers, Road Rollers, Tunneling Equipment, Stone Crushers, Road Making Machines, Cement Mixers, Spraying Machines, and Heavy Duty Pumps

·        Miscellaneous—Tractors, Agricultural Equipment, Motorhomes, and Campers

Choose Pantusa Towing to ensure your equipment gets safely to its destination! We have the experience, equipment, and expertise needed for your heavy duty job.