Heavy Duty Towing 101

February 1st, 2021

What is heavy duty towing? What vehicles are considered heavy duty? How do you choose a professional towing company? If you have asked yourself any of these questions, Pantusa Towing is here to help offer clarity. We are well-versed in the ins and outs of heavy duty towing.

What is Heavy Duty Towing?

Heavy duty towing centers on towing commercial or construction vehicles. Basically, if your vehicle or equipment is beyond the standard vehicle, you need a company with heavy duty towing services. Heavy duty requires stronger equipment and specialized expertise to ensure the job is done safely and properly.

What Vehicles are Considered Heavy Duty?

·        Tractors

·        Trailers

·        Dump Trucks

·        Frac Trucks

·        Boom Trucks

·        Bob Tails

·        Buses

·        Garbage Trucks

·        Cranes

·        Motor Homes

If your vehicle is not listed here, Pantusa Towing may still be able to tow it. Call us and find out!

How Do You Choose a Professional Towing Company?

The four most important aspects for a heavy duty towing company include experience, weight capacity, safety, and long distance capability. Experience ensures that your vehicle will be towed properly using the best methods. The right weight capacity is essential to ensure that the towing company can tow your vehicle without damaging your vehicle or their towing equipment. Safety should be the first concern, so your vehicle arrives at the destination with no damage along the way. Lastly, you need to find a company that can take your vehicle whatever distance is needed. If you need a towing company with all four of these qualities, choose Pantusa Towing. We have the horsepower, manpower, and experience to deliver your heavy duty equipment or vehicle safely.

When you need heavy duty towing, Pantusa Towing is ready to help. Contact us today!