Private Property Towing

March 1st, 2021

When someone illegally parks or abandons their car in your private property’s lot, you can be in an awkward situation. You need to remove the vehicle, but many property managers or owners are wary of the possible conflict and confrontation involved. Pantusa Towing can manage your private property towing with professionalism and respect. We will tow the vehicle properly and carefully, so the owner can retrieve their car safely later. If you own a commercial property, you need to have a plan for your private property towing. If you have not had a violation yet, you will eventually and you do not want to be unprepared. We are experienced with private property towing procedures, so we can guide you through the steps to take.

·   Make Sure You Have Proper Signage Posted—Make sure that you have your “no parking” zones visibly marked. If you have “no parking” signs posted, a vehicle in violation can be towed. Also, if a vehicle is parked in a labeled handicap space, the fire lane, or blocking traffic, that is also grounds for towing. Having your lot clearly marked will help you avoid people parking illegally accidentally.

·   Only Call Police if You Believe the Car is Doing Something Illegal—The police will send someone out to investigate the car, write a ticket, and request a tow. On a positive note, this process will exclude you from the towing liability and create a paper trail, which can be helpful. If you just need the car moved, you can choose to call a towing company directly instead.

·   Choose a Reliable Towing Company—A professional company will have their private property towing operator’s license, allowing them to legally tow and impound vehicles. Make sure that your chosen towing company confirms they have the appropriate credentials. Pantusa Towing is a licensed, insured, and experienced choice.

When you need a private property towing company for your commercial property, choose Pantusa Towing for a professional and quality experience.