The Benefits of Tractor Swap Service

August 26th, 2020

Your work depends on having reliable heavy equipment. When your tractor breaks down, your whole job may be put on hold, halting your profitability. You need a fast solution to get back on track. Pantusa Towing offers a heavy-duty towing service called Tractor Swaps just for this purpose.

How Does it Work?

When your tractor breaks down, you give us a call. Our customer service representative will schedule your pickup ASAP. We will pick up a good unit from your specified location and bring it straight to your job site. When we arrive, the new tractor will be dropped right where you need it and we will load up the broken-down one. You can specify where you would like the broken tractor delivered, such as your mechanic or place of business.

Why Should I Use Tractor Swaps?

“Time is Money” is not just an overused proverb—it is 100% true. For every minute that your job is halted, your productivity and profitability are impacted. If you utilize your own team to move and acquire the tractor, you will be taking them away from their work. Also, they may not have the equipment or experience to handle a heavy-duty towing job safely. If equipment is not hauled properly, your tractor could be damaged further in the process. We can assure you that your equipment will not be harmed in transit.

Why Choose Pantusa Towing for the Job?

Our company is used to big jobs because of our experience towing 18-wheelers, semi-trucks, tractor trailers, flat-bed trucks, and more. No matter what kind of vehicle you need towed, we are outfitted with the expertise and equipment to handle the task.

If your broken-down tractor is breaking your workflow, call Pantusa Towing right away. We can get your tractor swapped so you can get back to finishing your job and making your living.