The Dangers of Distracted Driving

Author: Dorian Pantusa | January 19th, 2022

Although many states have enacted hands-free laws for cell phones while driving, distracted driving is still a prevalent issue. Even if everyone follows the hands-free law, the root cause of distracted driving is still there. Distracted driving is more than just a cell phone issue. Any time you are not focused on the road or take your hands off the steering wheel, you are driving distracted. Distracted driving can be classified as any time you are manually, visually, or cognitively impaired. Whether you are taking a sip of your soda, putting on lipstick, or changing your radio station, your focus is not on the road. Accidents can happen in seconds because of one small choice to move your hands or eyes. As a towing company, we have seen more than our fair share of accidents from distracted driving. Through promoting awareness and education, we hope to encourage motorists to take control and prevent distracted driving. 

Steps to Stay Focused on the Road

  • Prepare Before you Leave–After you crank up, adjust your air, turn on your music, set your GPS, and make sure your passengers have everything they need. Any steps you can take in advance will help you avoid driving distracted along the way. 

  • Eat Beforehand–In the busy world of fast food and constant activity, our cars can become our family’s dinner table. Whenever possible, go ahead and finish your food before driving off. Eating and drinking while driving may seem like no big deal, but you are removing at least one hand from the steering wheel to do it. If you have to stop or react quickly, you may not respond fast enough with only one hand. Also, dropping food while eating could lead you to take your eyes off the road too. 

  • Avoid Multitasking–Everyone thinks they are a great multitasker until an accident happens. When you are driving, let that be your sole focus. Whether you are driving alone or with passengers, you are responsible for keeping yourself, your passengers, and other motorists safe. Take that responsibility seriously and save your to-do list for after you arrive safely.

  • Skip Using your Cellphone–Although using your phone hands-free is legal in many states, you are still distracted if you are using it at all. You can make adjustments to your phone so when you get a text, the person texting you gets a response that you are driving. Your messages and phone calls can wait until you arrive safely. Bring your phone along for emergencies, but avoid using it on the road otherwise. 

  • Set a Good Example–Teenagers have a reputation for distracted driving. The fact that 58% of teen accidents are due to distracted driving is not surprising. They are more likely to use cellphones while driving even though they are inexperienced drivers and need to focus on driving. Teenagers should not be using phones while driving, but if they see adults in their life using them, they will be more likely to do it. Even experienced drivers are not immune to distracted driving, so skip the phone use and set a good example for the teenagers in your life. 

Distracted driving claims too many lives every year. Join Pantusa Towing in fighting against distracted driving and commit to staying alert on the road.