Driving on Ice Safely

November 3rd, 2020

As the weather gets colder, icy roads could become part of your morning commute. Because of the generally mild weather here, many drivers are not as familiar with how to drive safely in ice and snow. Driving on slick roads can be scary if you are not prepared. The Pantusa Towing team has compiled a list of the best tips for staying safe when you must face the winter weather on the roads:

·        Reduce Your Speed—The fastest way to get in an accident while driving on ice is to go too fast. You will likely need to go below the speed limit. If you must leave earlier in the morning so you will be able to travel more slowly, you need to do it. Rushing on ice can cause you to lose control and crash very easily.

·        Keep Your Distance—We are all used to this whole social distancing thing in person, so consider this roadway distancing for safety. You need to stay about three car lengths away from other cars to give yourself enough reaction time. When roads are icy, you cannot stop as quickly, so the extra distance will help you brake safely.

·        Never Hit Your Brakes Quickly—If you slam on the brakes, your wheels will start to lock up and you could lose control of your car. Use a slow pulsing motion to brake to avoid spinning out of control. If you need to stop, start applying the brakes slowly in advance.

·        Stay in Low Gear—Whatever is the lowest gear option you have, use it. This will improve your traction and keep you more grounded while you drive on ice.

·        Do Not Pull Over to Help—If you see another car pulled over on the roadside, do not try to stop and help. When there are icy road conditions, the more cars on the roadside the more chance of secondary accidents. Exiting your car on a highway is always dangerous and best avoided, but even more so when the conditions are icy. Leave the rescue work to the professionals for your safety and the safety of other motorists as well.

As you navigate the icy roads this winter, remember these tips and stay safe! Your safety is our first concern. If you need roadside assistance, reach out to Pantusa Towing 24/7.